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Ten Chains Estate and Winery

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Nestled among the towering Karri forests of the Pemberton wine region, the vineyard was named in recognition of the pioneering surveyors that settled in the area.

Our brief was to design a brand that represented the heritage of both the vineyard and these early pioneers.

Robust, fiercely independent and of good solid character, just like the wines being produced.



A chain; a distance measuring device used for land survey.

The vineyard is named in recognition of the early surveyors and pioneers who first settled Western Australia's beautiful South West.

We couldnt go past the rugged, exposed and worn look of a rusty chain to fit the character of the brand and the pioneers it represents.


The colours, textures and metallic textures of the rusty chain were used to not only colour the brand's logo, but the symbolism of strength and longevity were used in the logo itself. The chain perfectly sums up the brand and the approach the owners take. Honest, down to earth and always ready to have a go.



Labels for the range of wines were developed and incorporate a metallic foil within the print, to both represent the brand and to appeal to the eye of a first time buyer. A website with future ability for online sales was designed along with various print collateral for use at the cellar door, festivals and other events when marketing the wine range.