Success is a planned,  team approach.




Paper Napkin Creative Marketing Strategy

Success  comes with understanding; a measured approach based on experience and knowledge, blended with creative thinking.

We've all heard the stories of those who have seemingly become an overnight success. In most cases, overnight success is sheer luck, not skill. The reality is, long term, sustainable success takes determination, an open mind and someone to guide you along the way. Partnering with Paper Napkin Creative to develop your marketing strategy will help you reach your goals sooner.


We can guide you to reach your goals.




Who said that being beautiful had to be expensive? Our website designs are custom built based on your needs and business personality


We get to know you, your product or service. We find out who and where your ideal customers are. A systematic approach to examine the solutions you can offer and the opportunities open to you.


You know what you want. Freedom, time, financial security. Let's set your business goals to motivate you on your journey to success.


The nitty gritty. The who , what, where, when and how of marketing your business. We will create a step by step approach that's easy to follow, implement and is backed by strategic research and business know how.


Measure twice, spend once. Then measure again.  Performance measurement is key to your future success. The knowledge earned by measuring your marketing results is priceless.

Our strategic marketing plans are tailored to suit your business and your needs.







Got an idea but need to work out if it will work?Maybe you need a catchy business name or just need some direction. Our business experience and expertise could be just the thing you need.






Is your current marketing not working? Maybe your plan is out of date. Channels, methods and delivery changes fast. Our marketing audit will make sure you're up to date with the latest resources and tools.



Small , medium or large, no business is the same. Our marketing plans are developed with you, just for you. Practical, actionable, measureable advice and a practical step by step plan, not just words.







Keeping up with changes to digital marketing can feel impossible. Our digital strategy solutions use the latest techniques for your website, search engine visibilty, social management and marketing, wrapped up in a package you can understand.




Are you ready to partner with us to reach your goals?


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