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The Brief

Paper Napkin was tasked to create a brand that spoke both to tourists who would visit the region, but also to a fiercely strong community who are very proud of where they live. The brand was to match the wild, unspoilt and vastness of the region, yet be modern and attractive to capture attention and was to be rolled out across a large range of digital and physical marketing channels and collateral.



Calm, tranquil, still, adventurous, excitement, productive, excited, productive, wild. These words describe the Southern Forests and Valleys region of Western Australia.

There was no better inspiration for the design of the brand than the region itself. Lush rolling pastures, crystal clear waters, nurturing soils, immense, towering forests, a wide range of food and wines, wildflowers, beaches and the ocean; a kaleidoscope of colours created by nature. It was critical to represent this in the design of the brand whilst matching various elements to each town within the region. 



The newly developed brand for Southern Forests and Valleys has been rolled out across a large and varied range of both digital and traditional collateral including signage, website, social media, conference materials and has also been used in multiple awareness campaigns online, in the newly established Melbourne to Busselton flight route and in several travel magazine. This has led to a substantial jump in awareness of the regional tourism attributes and an increased visitation and accommodation occupancy.

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