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The Brief

Paper Napkin were engaged to create a new brand for what was originally going to be known as "Estate 17". Upon research the origins of the vineyard, it became apparent that the land was steeped in the history of the pioneers of the region who in the early 1900's cleared the land and created industries for which the region became known.


So our task was to create something new out of something old. Our research led us to recommend a new name for the estate and its wines. 10 Chains was born from the story of this history and how the land and timber logs were measured.

Image by Ernesto Carrazana


There is a strong sense of heritage in the Pemberton and Northcliffe regions of the South West of Western Australia. The area was first surveyed in the early 1900's as a potential source of timber and fresh produce for the growing population of Western Australia.

The Group Settlement scheme with Britain was established to bring people from both abroad and from the cities to clear the land and develop industries. 

The original "Group Settlement 123" was established in 1924 on the land in which the vineyard now stands. The map of the settlement contains the scale of "10 Chains to an inch". A "chain" was a unit of length used extensively in mapping and was equivalent to 22 yards.

The name was used to pay respect to these early pioneers and the land on which they toiled.



With a new name and new vigour, we set about representing the brand with a logo and related materials.


We used a simple outline of an imperfect chain and used a metallic copper colour to give it an old, rusted affect. Add to this a heritage font and a rustic, textured background and the logo was complete.

Something new from something old that would stand a new test of time.



Using the new brand, we designed bottle labels for the owner's range of wines, each with a copper foiling to make the chain "pop" from the label and catch the eye. To support the labels, various promotional items were designed along with an E-Commerce website so that the owners could extend their sales beyond the cellar door and selected outlets.

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