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The Brief

As third generation farmers, the Ryan family had an established reputation for quality and farming excellence. Paper Napkin were tasked with using this reputation to create a retail friendly brand that would allow the Ryans to offer a range of products  to consumers via retails outlets, rather than the traditional sales floor of produce markets.



Down to earth farmers. Hard working people with strong values in everything they do. Out in the rain, hail, gusty wind and blazing sun all year round so that we can enjoy the quality produce grown. We used these values and traits and combined them with 3 generations of the Ryan family to create the persona of the "Three Ryans."



We wanted to give the brand a worn, hard working feel that paid homage to the hard work done by the family and the area in years gone by, whilst appealing to a contemporary retail market in metropolitan areas. We took inspiration from the colours of their work wear and that of many hardworking aussies, a deep denim blue and combined it with a modern font. We finished off the look with a slight speckle to give an aged appearance.



The brand was implemented in a range of retail packages including pasture raised eggs, cauliflower and broccoli rice products plus their range of fresh produce including cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli and lots more.

Marketing collateral was designed to support the brand in retail outlets, plus a website and social campaigns to raise awareness of and build loyalty to the brand.

This has culminated with the introduction of their products into several new produce market stores across Australia and now into multiple chain outlets in Singapore and south east Asia.

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