Unearthed Pemberton Festival

brand development | packaging design & print | website | print collateral


The aim of the Unearthed Pemberton Festival is to attract people to get off the well trodden tourism track, to "explore beyond the gate" and experience life as a local. The font used suggests an artistic, organic feel along with muddy foot prints suggesting exploration. The colour palette tie the logo to the natural environment.

Unearthed Hero- Lab with boot Hi Res.jpg


Anyone who has ever owned a labrador knows they are a fan of grabbing your shoes and boots and taking them off on a merry adventure!

This was the inspiration for the brand and was the perfect imagery to represent what the organisers wanted to express.



Nature played a big part in the development in the logo to represent the Festival, as did the playfullness of chasing a puppy who has solten your boots! Cleanliness balances the muddy footpints and the use of a colour palette based on nature is a perfect fit.



A wide range of generic and year specific items have been designed to promote the festival both online and in print. A website with integrated ticketing system has been designed. Videos promote the festival on social media. A full program echa year is desinged and ptrinted on beautiful 100% recycled paper. Flags and banners have also been designed and printed to promote the festival in and around the town of Pemberton.


Videos were produced to not only promote the festival but to inspire people to come and explore "the other down south" and experience the magic of Pemberton and the Southern Forests of Western Australia.