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Your brand is not just about your logo.

Your brand is a result.

Your brand's strength is a combination of your reputation and visibility. When you understand who your customer is and communicate it properly, your brand is what make's you memorable.

Your brand is a result. It's a customer's gut feeling about your product, service or company. It's essentially what people think about your behind your back. It is the first impression your customer gets, and you only get one.

It's important to get it right. The style, looks and feel. The colours, fonts and embellishments. 

It's also important how you apply your brand. Signage, print, web, social, uniforms, advertisements, the list goes on

Well placed, consistent visibility is key to building your brand and your business.


We start the brand design process by speaking with you, asking questions about your business, how you see yourself in the market and who your competitors are. We examine all of these before starting the creative process.

Using this research and some creative imagination, we will develop several logo concepts to present to you. To give you context, we apply these design concepts to real life applications such as a business card, shirt or website.

At this point some clients know exactly what they want, and some concepts may need a little tweak. This helps us to narrow concepts to a point where they are ready for your consideration and choice.

After revisions are completed, your new brand will be delivered to you in various formats suitable for any application including:

  • business card

  • website

  • signage

  • social media

  • uniform

  • printed marketing collateral

No matter which package you go for, you will be supplied with a style guide, which identifies your exact colour codes and fonts so you can be sure they are 100% no matter where you use them.



Once you have selected your design package, we will be in touch get some details and chat about your business with a few, easy questions. This will help us in our research.


We will send you a design brief questionnaire to complete either by yourself or with us. The more detail you can provide us the better the outcome will be.


Here's where the real fun starts. Based on your brief, we will create multiple concepts that align with your business and your ideas. Your concepts will be presented to you for review and discussion.


After viewing your concepts, we will make changes to your preferred concept to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome and are ready to apply your new brand.


You will receive a complete logo file package for both print and digital applications, plus a style guide to identify key elements, such as colours and fonts used.

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