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The Ultimate Goal...

The ultimate goal for your most important marketing asset, is to align with your sales strategy, be organised and optimsed so that you can always be found and chosen over your competitors.

We are on a mission to help Australian small business owners stop struggling to attract clients and finally start feeling confiddent innthe profits that you can bring in through a leveraged website system, that will become your best sales person that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on auto pilot.

Professional Web Design

Our websites are designed with a strong focus on user experience (UX), functionality, and seamless integration with your brand personality. We ensure that each site is not only visually professional but also intuitive and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall user experience. By aligning the design with your brand’s unique identity, we create a cohesive and memorable online presence. This attention to UX and functionality ensures that your site effectively communicates your brand’s values, engages visitors, and supports your business goals, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile Optimised In Mind

Gone are the days when desktop viewing was a certainty. Increasingly, people are likely to view your site on a mobile device. We maximise this opportunity by designing your website with a "mobile first" approach which can adapt and scale to desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, while maintaining your existing look,  feel, function  and improving overall performance. We test it on a variety of devices - mobile and non-mobile - to ensure the experience is consistent and easy to use.

Copy That Persuades

Our copywriting approach for  emphasises crafting credible, solution-oriented content that enhances trust and prompts action. We meticulously tailor your website copy to resonate with your audience, addressing their needs and pain points while showcasing your expertise. Good copy is pivotal in engaging your audience, holding their interest, and driving them to take the next step. By highlighting the benefits of your services and incorporating compelling calls to action, we ensure your content not only builds credibility but also significantly increases the uptake of your services and overall engagement."

Conversion Focused

Our websites s are meticulously designed with a conversion-focused approach. Every element, from layout to content, is strategically crafted to guide visitors towards taking action. This focus on conversions ensures that your site isn't just visually appealing but also highly effective in turning visitors into customers. By prioritising user experience and clear calls to action, we help you maximize your return on investment, driving more leads, and ultimately increasing your revenue. This conversion-centric design is crucial for your business’s success, as it translates traffic into tangible results and growth."

Rank Well For Google Search

Every page, text copy, and image on our websites is optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We ensure that each element is crafted with search engine optimisation in mind, helping your site rank well on Google and other search engines. By incorporating relevant keywords, meta tags, and high-quality content, we enhance your site’s visibility and searchability. Optimised images and fast loading times further improve your SEO performance. This comprehensive SEO strategy ensures that your business can be easily found online, driving more organic traffic to your site and increasing your potential for growth and success."

SSL Certificate Security

Each website we design utilises SSL certificate security, ensuring encrypted connections and safeguarding sensitive data. This means that any information exchanged between your site and its visitors is protected from interception by malicious entities. SSL certificates are crucial for maintaining trust, as they signal to users that your site is secure and reputable. This security measure not only helps in protecting client information but also improves your search engine rankings, as Google favors secure sites. By prioritizing SSL security, we help you build trust with your audience, enhance your site’s credibility, and protect your business and its customers from potential threats. Tat means peace of mind for you and your customers!

Easy To Manage & Edit

Websites created by our team are designed for ease of management and editing. Using a drop-and-drag visual editor, clients can effortlessly update and customise their site without any tech skills. We also offer hundreds of plugins that provide a vast range of functionalities for any business type. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt and grow, adding new features and improving user experience as needed. The intuitive design and extensive plugin options ensure that your site remains dynamic and functional, making it easy to maintain, update, and expand to meet your evolving business needs."

100% Australian Support

Need help? No worries! Our office and team are based in Australia and you will only ever speak to a real life person who lives and works in Oz. No call centres, no long wait times. Just a friendly voice who want to help. Plus it's backed up by a 24 hour online help portal loaded with text and video based instructions on how to use our editor, solve problems and of course, loads of frequently asked questions.

Transparent, Value Based Pricing

We want the absolute best for our clients and we strive to give them a quality experience from start to finish and beyond. We strive to provide value for money,, transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprise extra costs.  All of our website packages have a fixed pricing structure and are very competitive, with clear details about all inclusions.


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The Sun-Smart Collection

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The Sun-Smart Collection

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Comfort X Design

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Transport In Style

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Building your online presence is essential for businesses these days, but doing so can be a scary experience.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Paper Napkin can make your website look absolutely stunning and show off your passion for your business. Not only do Paper Napkin's small business web designs look professional, we ensure they are easy to manage (without needing a tech wizard), easy to find on search engines like Google and most importantly, are focused on converting browsers into enquiries, leads, bookings and sales. Whether you need a site that promotes your products or services, allows for bookings or reservations, or you want to sell online on any device, we work hand in hand with you to produce a website that achieves your goals to grow and strengthen your business and your brand.


Paper Napkin takes the stress out of having a professional website that showcases what you do and encourages customers to get in contact, book or buy from you. Whether you need a basic e-brochure site, a more comprehensive site that details your services or product categories, or you want to sell online with an E-commerce site, all of our website designs include:

  • Consultation briefing to establish your needs

  • Research of your competition to ensure you have a design point of difference

  • Professional design of your site to provide an excellent user experience (UX)

  • Optimised to look great and function correctly on any device

  • Connected to your unique domain name

  • SSL Certificate included on all sites

  • Fast, reliable and affordable hosting

  • On and Off page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to enhance your appearance on Google

  • Submission and verification onto the Google search console

  • Drag and drop editing with instant preview

  • Training in managing and updating your site

  • Back up support from our Australian staff.

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